Clovis Laser Center utilizes two different lasers for permanent hair reduction.  Our work horse is the tried and true Lumenis Light Sheer  System ( that uses the diode laser and is known in the business as the gold standard.  This system can be used on all skin types but we prefer Laserscopes Gemini laser for the darker skinned as it utilizes the NdYag which is much more protective & reduces the likelihood of burns.


- with Laserscope
Similar to IPL photo rejuvenation the Laserscope is used to rejuvenate pigmented vascular & photo damaged skin using true lasers of the Laserscope Gemini Laser system. This procedure utilizes a combination of a KTP & NdYag laser which reduce excess pigment, vascular damage (ie: surface blood vessels), skin laxity, large pores, fine wrinkles, surface roughness and with the addition of  Dusa’s Levulan Kerastick can resolve pre-cancerous lesions

- Omega XP Cold Laser
Our practice started an exciting innovative technique in June 2008 utilizing the Omega XP cold laser system.  This system uses a low energy cold laser applied to various sites on the hands & ears that helps to significantly curb ones desire for any nicotine product.  Our success rate dramatically surpasses the standard over the counter & prescription smoking cessation aids.  The consult for this procedure is required for a full understanding.

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The Laser Peel compact erbium facial system allows for a weekend laser peel that significantly reduces surface imperfections & tightens pores, reduces wrinkles, improves skin laxity & gives a more youthful glow and appearance.

The Laserscope Gemini Laser systems NdYag laser  destroys varicose veins in the lower extremities.  These treatments have an excellent success rate and favorably compare to injection sclerotherapy procedures.