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Vitalize “Weekend” Peel from SkinMedica ( is our most popular
chemical peel.  With minimal downtime this peel is perfect for an over the weekend peel to radiate and tighten your skin for a fresh new look on Monday!
$150.00 each or set of 3 for $375.00



Illuminize “Brighten” Peel from SkinMedica ( is their newest peel offering.  This is a mild chemical peel that actually will not produce any skin peeling-but is designed to tighten & brighten the face for any event that may be on your calender and you just want that extra “glow”.  It can easily be scheduled on a lunchtime or right before an event. $95.00 each


Blue Peel from Obagi (
The Blue Peel is a strong chemical peel that is actually tinted a blue color which guides the application process to reduce skin irritation and is usually applied in 2 layers.  The downtime for this peel can be anywhere from 2-5 days, with as much as a light exfoliation up to a deep exfoliation depending on how many layers are applied. It can treat brown spots, actinic keratosis (precancerous sun damage), epidermal melasma (brown-black patchy facial discoloration) and skin roughness.
It also improves pore size, skin laxity, fine lines, stretchable wrinkles and scars. It can be applied to the face, top of head, hands and arms.
$350.00 1 layer, $450.00 2 layers

Microdermabrasion from Parisian Peel (
This medical grade microdermabrasion treatment  is used to smooth acne scarring, reduce pore size and slough off dry skin and dead skin cells that accumulate on the surface of the face causing it to look dull and without luster.  Treatments are very tolerable and recommended in a series for best results.
$125.00 each or series of 3 for $300.00